Prepare for Your Next Road Trip

Turn to us for RV washing services in Cedar Rapids, IA

Is your RV looking rather rough? Then it's time to bring it to Aces Truck Wash. We offer professional and affordable RV washing services in Cedar Rapids, IA.

You can have us clean off your RV before a new road trip or when you're returning from one. We'll fully hand-wash the exterior, we also offer undercarriage cleaning to get rid of any lingering dirt and mud.

RV washing services are first come, first serve, but feel free to call us at 319-331-1387 for any questions!

Servicing a variety of recreational vehicles and heavy equipment

Your RV isn't the only recreational vehicle we can clean. You can also visit us when you need an exterior:

  • Boat cleaning service
  • Motorcoach cleaning service
  • Fifth-wheel cleaning service
We can also clean commercial vehicles like springer vans, construction vans and trailers, along with pickup, dually, lifter and box trucks. Please note that we do not clean livestock trailers.

Bring your vehicle in for a cleaning today.