Don't Settle for a Dirty Truck

Get your vehicle cleaned at our local truck wash in Cedar Rapids, IA

A dirty semitruck doesn't just look bad. Not having it cleaned regularly could result in permanent damage to your paint scheme. Make sure your truck is looking its best by stopping by Aces Truck Wash for a truck washing service.

At our local truck wash in Cedar Rapids, IA, we're well-equipped to clean semitrucks and trailers. We can also clean standard cars and even heavy-duty equipment, such as cranes and dump trucks.

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Getting your trailer ready for the next haul

Along with your truck, you can have us perform a full trailer wash. We can clean:

  • Hopper Bottom
  • Dry van trailers
  • Refrigerated trailers
Ready to knock the dirt and grime off your ride? Call us today to schedule a cleaning for your truck and trailer.

Handling Your Heavy Equipment

We can clean semitrucks and heavy-duty vehicles

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Get ready for the warmer months

Planning on taking a summer road trip this year? Make sure your RV is ready by having us clean it. We'll wash your entire RV from top to bottom so you can be fully prepared for your trip.